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Things Parents Need To Know When Using Baby Swing

For the first few months after birth, swing is a necessary baby gear for every parents as it helps parents to calm baby, provide ideal environment to put them to sleep and a great replacement for soothing as well as entertaining option with nursing music and toys. Before buying a swing, parents need to do a bit of research and consider very carefully by reading good blog of baby swings reviews, searching for online websites, and consulting people with experience. However, only choosing a good swing is not enough as parents need to know how to use the swing and how to use it safely to ensure your children protection. Here are some advice and tips for you to follow when using baby swing for your kids.

Rule 1: Never Leave Your Children Alone In The Swing

Swing is an wonderful baby gear to take care of your children especially when you cannot spend every minutes by her side, soothing her to sleep, even in the middle of the night. Even though baby swing functions as a great tool to calm baby, sooth them to sleep, provide an ideal white noise and nursing rhythm for baby’s day naps, even music and toys for entertainment, this equipment cannot replace parents’ care and attention. Thus, you should never leave your baby in the swing unattended as you may not know what can happen when you are not there for your kids. This is the initial and golden rule that every parents need to know.

Rule 2: Things To Check To Avoid Fall And Tip Over

There are many cases when the baby swings fall to the ground or tip over, leaving baby get stuck, hurt and even suffocated. Therefore, it is very important that you follow this rule to avoid such circumstances. First, when placing the swing to a spot, you need to make sure that the surface is flat, balance and hard like the floor or table. You should never put the swing on elevated and soft place like bed or sofa which are places that prone to make the swing lose balance, get suffocation or fall.

Second, you should check the weight and age specification from manufacturer’s instruction to avoid the overload of the swing. If your baby reaches the weight limit or show that she is active enough to leave the swing, then stop using the swing immediately.

Rule 3: Never Put The Swing Near Places With Heat Resource And Chords

You should never place the swing near any type of heating resource for example fireplace, stove to avoid risks of fire catching or burning. These places are very dangerous so never put your baby swing near or close to such places, another thing you avoid is chords such as phone cords, window-blind chords. Please clear out all type of chords on the spot before putting the swing on as they can lead to tripping and tipping over.

Rule 4: Always Use Harness For Baby Safety

Harness is an essential part of the swing’s structure and plays an important role in restraining your baby to stay inside the swing. With the use of harness, your baby will be kept safety in the swing and reduce the risk of fall off the floor and slipping out of the swing. Therefore, you are advised to always put on harness since only the play tray cannot restrain your baby from leaning out.

Regarding harness types, there are two common harness in swing models: the five-point harness and the three-point harness. While the five-point harness offer protection over till shoulder, the three-point type only consists of waist and belt crotch. Therefore, I recommend you should choose the five-point harness for better protection.

Rule 5: Choose The Suitable Speed Options For Your Baby

For swing models that offer the feature of multi-speed swinging, you need to be aware that babies can get dizzy and annoyed if being swung for too long although they enjoy the swinging movement.

Normally younger children tend to like slower swinging speed while the older one enjoy speed that is a little bit quicker. Therefore, parents should test and find out at what speed you children feel the most comfortable and easy to sooth to sleep. Remember to start with the lowest speed and increase slowly to see whether your baby like it.

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