Bedroom for kid

Should The Bedroom For Kids Fit The Feng Shui?

We usually think that feng shui is often simply applied in the common and large space by influential elements to the whole family. But you know, if a child’s room are also arranged according to feng shui, not only the child will sleep better, but it also has a positive impact on the development and health of children, too. This article would like to introduce to readers the keys to the make the bed room layout with feng shui to be good for the youngest.

Avoid Tight Spaces

Do not let the children stay in a room that is too narrow and cramped. Try to figure a room for as broad as possible to create conditions for them to develop their own potential to the fullest way.

Avoid Clutter

Child’s bed room should be organized orderly, logical, because the chaos would break the flow of energy and create a sense of chaos, as well as confusion. If the room has the trash, it must be kept tightly closed at all times and cleaned regularly.

Parents should teach children how to do household chores and sanitation is responsible for their own room. Please clean and remove items, which are no longer consistent with the child’s age or do not need to use the room to always make their bed room neat and clean.

Keep The Room Well-Lit And Clean

To attract good positive energy to the child’s room, parents should pay attention to hygiene and maintain adequate lighting. Ensure cleanliness in the bedroom or child’s room will help rejuvenate their energy every day.

The Position Of The Bedroom

Bedrooms should be located in the open and airy areas. Avoid children’s bedroom layout in the basement. This is because, the basement contains negative energy, which will adversely affect the health of children.

Selection Of Bedroom

Always choose a bed, which is big enough for your child. Avoid children to sleep on the two small bed, causing the foot to touch or beyond the end of the bed. This will limit the physical growth of the child.

For bed, the head of the bed with simple design is ideal because it symbolizes the strong support in the child’s life. Besides, do not be put directly on the floor buffer. Besides, between the cushion and the floor must have a certain distance. You can set the frame buffer on a bed without sleeping.

Empty under the bed will ensure good energy flow while sleeping for child. Bunk beds are not really good because it causes pressure and stress for children when they are sleeping.

Finally, try not to use the water bed as the water trapped in the bed, which creates strongly negative energy and harmful to health. In addition, choose a bed with a headboard and a solid bed is extremely important for children room according to the feng shui because it gives the best support for your child.

The Position Of Your Desk

Avoid children’s school desks in a position to form a straight line with the door. This position makes the child receive energy source abruptly, causing unhappiness.

According to the feng shui, windows support symbolizes poverty, therefore, note that parents do not let its back facing the window while sitting to study. This will prevent exposure to negative energy and cause detrimental to the child.

In addition, it is need to select a location away from desks and protruding objects such as air conditioning, chandeliers, rafters because it will make young or tired, even sick.

Avoid Trees In Bedroom

Absolutely do not put the green tree(whether true or false) in your bedroom because it will bring sickness, impaired health and take away the energy of youth.

According to the feng shui, the bedroom on the left side called knowledge areas, when entering the bedroom, to the left is called knowledge sector, you should put their desks and bookcases here.

Avoid Water Feature In The Bedroom

Water features such as fountains, aquariums, waterfalls are recommended not to arrange for the child’s bedroom. If these things occur and exist in space, the rest of the children is very harmful to the child’s relationship with parents, friends and the close people in general.