Bedroom for kid

Recipes When Choosing The Bedroom For Kid That Parent Should Know

It takes for granted that bed is the most important furniture in the lives of humans. This may sound a bit big, but it’s completely accurate. Because the bed is the only item of direct connection and closest to the energy of each human individual.

Besides, the role of feng shui towards the bedroom for kids may relate to health, psychological state, happiness and quality of the relationship. So parent should invest a good bed, which suits the feng shui.

Of course, it is also investing for their own happiness to ensure the health of the people. Here are all the right advice to help you choose the best bedroom, which is not only satisfied but is also good according to the feng shui.

Style And Materials

Parent should determine the correct size bed with the need to use quite simple but stylish problems and materials.  Whether they should buy a wooden bed or bed headboard somewhat made of metallic, which will look attractive or not?

Today, it is not hard to find these beautiful bed and stylish form but according to Feng Shui, a perfect bed is very simple and just have the following two factors:

– First, the perfect material to make bedroom is wood.

– Secondly, whether designed with any style, the bed must be the space below – and under the bed must be always opened.

As a result, wood and a reasonable height are two critical, which makes a perfect bed for kids according to feng shui.

The reasons that bed should have a reasonable height compared to the floor are to ensure the balance of the energy flow of feng shui. Overall, the combined additional bed drawer storage beneath for furniture is considered to be very bad towards the feng shui.

Because the energy requires to circulate through your body when sleeping and the process of this movement will be stopped if under the bed is sealed.

Bed type with locker combination or platform bed will delay the flow of energy flow, which should not be encouraged to use.


The good bedside is a required element for a feng shui bed. Because, during sleep, the human body will be in a deep condition in the energy recovery process after a busy day of work and stress. Thus, the first part takes fulcrum sure to protect and support like the back to the fulcrum if sitting in a chair in a long time.

The bedside is the best made of wood or upholstered, solid texture that is sure to bring security to the head while sleeping. In addition, the head of the bed should be as light as possible and do not choose the bed with headboard slats made of metal, such as iron Simply because they may create hard feelings and pinch the first part of growing up when sleeping.

Wooden headboard and mattress protectors are two good choices to ensure a good sleep for you every day. In addition, headboard made of metal is considered to be bad according to the feng shui.

Cushion Sheets And Color

Bedding cushion sheets are also an important factor because it promotes rest and brings good sleep every day for humans. This is understandable when you will feel a lot of energy after a good night sleep before.

If you take the time to learn, you are very easy to fall prey to be confused because there are so many different samples of bed cushions in the market. So, to make wise choices when buying bed linen cushions. Besides, do not buy an used bedding cushion according to feng shui because it symbolizes the old power, which is not nice.